Our Accomplishments

Since it’s inception, Central Wisconsin Offroad Cycling Coalition has been involved in the continual growth of Mountain Biking in Central Wisconsin. Below are just a few of our accomplishments to date:

  • The development of Sylvan Hill Mountain Bike Park
  • Ringle Mountain Bike System development and continued construction
  • Nine Mile Mountain Bike System’s trail renovation and continued trail maintenance
  • Development and maintenance of Snow biking trails in central Wisconsin.
  • The ongoing maintenance and development  of the Big Eau Pliene Mountain Bike and Snow Bike System.
  • 2017 introduction of the Underdown MTB trail system to our trails we manage in the area.
  • To help with our maintenance and building of trails in central Wisconsin, CWOCC has purchased a variety of machines and other tools to help in the effort from a skid steer and mini-ex to 3 snowmobiles and groomers for winter trails. All of these were purchased through grants, donor contributions and from our general fund.
  • 2017 Youth Rider Program. Helping to introduce young people to the sport of Mountain Biking,

Our Mission

Central Wisconsin Offroad Cycling Coalition (cwocc) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate through trail advocacy and promote fitness, group activities as well as exploring nature. We are dedicated to maintaining, designing and building sustainable, environmentally sound, offroad bicycling trails.

Board of Directors

Aaron Ruff-President
Shane Stuard-Vice President
Randy Lackman-Treasurer
Matt Block
Jahn Martin
Gary Barden
Andrew Lynch
Jake Prunuske
Kris Thiele
Rebecca Tuley
Megan Wrysinski
John Budzynski