Called to order 6:03

Attendees: Jahn Martin (President), Aaron Ruff (VP), Randy Lackman (Treasurer), Sue Nash, Chad Page, Chris Schotz, Rebecca Tulley, Dan Abt, Matt Block, Gary Barden

I. General CWOCC Board Business

Motion made by Aaron, Seconded by Gary and accepted to approve April minutes as-is

II. Motion made to nominate Chris Schotz as Secretary by Gary, seconded by Sue, and approved

III. Financials

Treasurer’s report, YTD Spending & account status reviewed by Randy Lackman

Over the long term seeking to replace the locally based accounting software with an on-line program that could be accessed by multiple users, but maintaining records in the short term as-is in a format that could be converted 0n-line in the future

IV. Committee Reports

a) Fundraising/Grant Writing Committee

a. Ringle Grant Update

i. Project fund balance $84.5K

ii. Grants in process:  Aaron updated Board on grant applications from Greenheck, Cliff, Davis, Lewitske, Molinaro, Wipfli, Gering

iii. User data in being collected at 9-mile and Sylvan through trail passes and trail counters with Strava and zip code data a future option

b. Sponsorship program

i. Web & signage updates: Trailhead kiosks to be updated and separate webpage tab for sponsors considered

ii. “Thank You” cards & FB acknowledgements

iii. BFR Sponsors : TC Teardrops and Trek to be recognized as year sponsors at the level corresponding to their raffle prize contribution

b) Trail Development Committee

a. Ringle Update: project schedule & Change Orders by Flowtrack

Flagging is in progress

Alternate lines including more technical lines, jump lines, and rock drop lines have been added in addition to the base loop flow trail on a pay by foot basis

Additional boardwalk needs

Great local rock material

Big machine on site

Cost of alternate lines will not exceed $29,500 in addition to the original $127,000 or $115,000 for trails #1, 2 & 3

Trail #5 up for redesign to bypass a crane rookery to the east

Trail #6 on hold pending adaptations for future landfill development

Volunteer day for Trail #7 coming

Signage in pipeline

b. Big Eau Pleine Update

i. Boardwalk placement & ongoing work in June

c. Sylvan Hill Bike Park

i. Review Survey results : future development, gender, location

ii. Trail Counters : 4 IR counters installed for 60 days to collect data on each trail

d. 9 Mile: mowing schedule and ATV sightings shared

e. Underdown: Disconnector brushed in June and built in July

f. Trail names – new maps & signage

i. Uniform signage order in works for Underdown, Ringle, and Eau Pleine for this summer

ii. Underdown trails consolidated to 7 names with landmark designations

c) Events Committee

a. CWOCC 2018 “BFR”

i. Upcoming raffle events

b. Group Rides and Youth Rider Program begin at Nine Mile – June 7th.

i. 34 sign-ups

ii.Considering Wednesday as an Underdown group ride night

c. WEMS June 9th at 9 Mile – Volunteers & course prep

d. CWOCC Women’s Weekend at Nine Mile – June 29-July 1

i. Registration update: 21 of 50 spots filled

ii. Seeking photographer and shirt design

e. Ride Clinic – Sylvan Hill Bike Park July 21 and/or 22.

i. Jump with Confidence

ii.  Registration soon

iii. 8:1 Coach Ratio

f. Wausau 24 July 28th & 29th

g. Volunteers

ii. BFR Saturday night

V. Equipment Needs

a) Mini Track dumper for material hauling. $3,000 : Tabled

b) DR Brush Mower for Underdown. $2,000 : ASAP, Considering Fleet Farm

c) Storage cabinet for inside barn at BEP $400: Here and free

d) Future Needs: Tires for Rokon. Shed at 9 Mile. : Tabled

VI. Open Discussion Items

a) Review Membership : Committee

b) IMBA Ride Center discussion & plan

c) Bulk texting app for notifications.

SMS alternative to Facebook considered

Dan will research

d) By Laws update

Resolution clause on assets in event that club dissolves

e) Independent 501(c)3 status update

In works with issues regarding designated name

Adjourned 8:00PM