BOD Meeting 2.23.12

BOD Meeting- CWOCC
Feb. 23rd Meeting Agenda; 7:30pm @ Red Eye
Present: Dan Schuster, Brenda Zimmermann-Thorpe, Randy Lackman, Mark Chickering, Sean Reeder, Gary Barden, Matt Block, Bob Dunahee, Gigi Koenig

Updates from Bike Fed Summit – Gary
Gary met with Bridget/DNR at the Bike Summit. Gave this advice: 1.Be prepared to map out when talking with the DNR. 2. Be polite; don’t think your group is entitled to anything. Nothing in the Master Plan (MP) can be written as a variance; can be written as an amendment. Master Plan was to be discussed Tuesday, February 28, 2012 with Bill Bursar, the DNR land manager.
Review Club Bylaws
Decided to blend the suggested IMBA bylaws with the HPT bylaws and forward with IMBA application
o Set term limits – officers – 1 year appointment with a 2 year limit.
o Set term limits – board members. To stagger terms of the first BOD.
Three current BOD members agreeing to a one year appointment are:
Mark Chickering, Sean Reeder, Gigi Koenig
Three current BOD members agreeing to a two year appointment are:
Randy Lackman, Brenda Zimmerman-Thorpe, Bob Dunahee
Three current BOD members agreeing to a three yea appointment are:
Matt Block, Gary Barden, Dan Schuster
IMBA Chapter Application Review
Need to establish a post office box
Need to establish an FEIN
Need to define area of chapter/ need to determine if we can expand at a later date.
Discussion of possibility of assisting Badger State games with summer bike race.

Major Goals-Projects, Activities, Fund raisers:
Snow biking/extending season
9 Mile- build more trails, assist Parks department with maintaining
Signage/names of trails-expand into marketing the area; make it the ‘best’ experience
Trail Loops-interconnecting with other trails
Bike shops on board-perhaps arrange a discount for member of CWOCC
Redbud-off to left- perhaps and area for skills development
Land in metro area for pump track? Behind Menards?
Connector trail from Granite Peak to 9 Mile
Trails on Rib Mountain
MTB Specific-currently can’t ride after October 15. Ask UWSP student group to do an economic study on usage after 10/5 by bikers and sportsmen. What is the impact of extended season?
There are so many user groups vying for use of 9 Mile-how do we make it into a destination to support all user groups?

Other considerations:
Club jersey/t shirt
Work with County to allow local Bike shops to sell trail passes to 9 Mile
Increase the number of trail passes for 9 Mile (increase the number sold= increased dollar support.)
Membership drives-collect name, address, phone through sign up sheets at local bike shops
Spring trail clean-up
Trail blazing crews
Promoting biking to youth groups-school Forest. Possible biking on school Forest property?
Program for B & G Club to promote biking
Bike for Ice Cream
Investigate possible trails at Sylva Hills or Eau Claire Dells
Longer loop near Chalet for families/beginners
Organized club rides/weekly time trials/Tuesday night events-scavenger hunts on bikes
Annual family day with club cook out/pot luck
Expanding the Eau Plaine ride
Trail building clinics; possibly hosted by DNR
Create ‘Trail Bosses”

Tentative date of next club meeting:
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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