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Nine Mile County Forest Trail Update

A large logging project begins this weekend, August 4th. In this first stage of work, ski trails G and K will be closed. We will continue to update and post trail closure notices when singletrack is effected. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2168459410146023&id=1838486839809950

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CWOCC Board Meeting 6-4-2018

Called to order 6:03 Attendees: Jahn Martin (President), Aaron Ruff (VP), Randy Lackman (Treasurer), Sue Nash, Chad Page, Chris Schotz, Rebecca Tulley, Dan Abt, Matt Block, Gary Barden I. General CWOCC Board Business Motion made by Aaron, Seconded by Gary and accepted to approve April minutes as-is II. Motion made to nominate Chris Schotz as [...]

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CWOCC-Wausau Youth Rider Devo WYRD

CWOCC is excited to partner again with Wausau United Ride for the 2018 Youth Rider Program. WUR coaches and parent leaders will be providing the leadership and mentoring for boy and girl riders ages 8-14. Program will run for 7 weeks on Thursday nights June 7th to July 26th from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Program will [...]

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CWOCC Women’s Mountain Bike Weekend

June 29th • 5PM, June 30th • Noon, July 1st Noon Nine Mile County Forest • Wausau, Wisconsin A women’s only weekend of skills, drills, and epic tail rides to improve your mountain biking experience. Led by certified coaches Assisted by local trail experts Intended for beginner to intermediate riders Covering a wide range of topics on and off the [...]

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Board Meeting Minutes • December 17

CWOCC Board Meeting 04-December-2017  Called to order 6PM Attendees: Jahn Martin, Erik Alanko, Sue Nash, Chad Page, Chris Schotz, Dan Apt, Randy Lackman, Dan Schuster, Matt Block Financials: $29,334 approx in bank acct 2018 budget review – Total estimate in = $63k, Total expenditure estimate = $52k Motion made, seconded and passed to approve 2018 [...]

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CWOCC’s Launches new website

CWOCC is proud to announce version 2 of our website. The new structure allows us to inform our members about CWOCC news and trails reports, quickly and efficiently, without spending a bunch of time on the backend to get there. Thank you for your patience. We want to thank Gary Barden Design for the design and Digital Dialogue [...]

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