CWOCC Board Meeting 04-December-2017 

  • Called to order 6PM
  • Attendees: Jahn Martin, Erik Alanko, Sue Nash, Chad Page, Chris Schotz, Dan Apt, Randy Lackman, Dan Schuster, Matt Block


  • $29,334 approx in bank acct
  • 2018 budget review – Total estimate in = $63k, Total expenditure estimate = $52k
  • Motion made, seconded and passed to approve 2018 budget
  • Will provide mailed receipt to donors for 2017 tax purposes.
  • Fundraising/Grants Committee:
  • Ringle – $26k balance in account
  • IMBA Dig in Grant – $635 from locals
  • Blood Road Screening – attended by 168, raised $1725
  • Motion made, seconded and passed to donate an additional $15k from CWOCC acct to Ringle acct
  • Sponsorship program will be launched mid-January 2018 with new success/goals sheet

Trail Development Committee:

  • Sylvan – improve/redo skills area in 2018.
  • Ringle – Matt hopes to get RFP out by early January. Land use agreement is done but not yet signed.
  • Big Eau Pleine – Boardwalk plan, ~400 ft measured thus far of varying widths. Want to have BEP DONE by end of 2018 (signed, mapped, etc).
  • Underdown – “Disconnector” trail project 2018 schedule, may need to rent a machine depending progress at Ringle
  • Winter biking – motion made, seconded and approved to purchase 3rd snowmobile up to $4000 for Greenwood hills.
  • Rethinking Granite Peak – one day fat bike event?


  • CWOCC 2018 Big Friggen Raffle.
  • -Raffle committee needed. TCT Trailer, Speedgear, Rib Mountain Cycles confirmed. Pursuing Trek, Specialized, Dive Point
  • BSG Fat Bike Race January 20th 2018 GHCC
  • Spring Meeting March 15th @ GHCC
  • CWOCC Women’s Weekend June 2018 – Rebecca Tuley taking the lead
  • Wausau 24 – July 28-29
  • -CWOCC sponsored party Friday night
  • -Promote new trails

Open Discussion:

  • NICA Race October 6-7 2018, no opposition from CWOCC
  • eBikes: Good discussion over Class types and whether we will allow. More investigation needed.
  • 2018 Elections – send out for nominations by Dec 1st, vote via email mid January
  • CWOCC Social media – Dan A will look into creating an Instagram account for CWOCC.
  • IMBA Chapter program updates – options for levels of service included vs how much the club pays
  • Adjourned 7:58 PM